PLease NOTE before sending email to

1.) We update our system at 5pm EST daily, if you are current with USSA as of yesterday at 5pm EST then you are in system. Also remember to add your division letter before your USSA number when registering using ( E for Eastern, F for Far West, P for Pacific, X for foreign, R for Rocky, I for Intermountain)

2.) To register using for USSA events you need an Alpine competitor or Youth USSA membership. Alpine Club Participant membership with USSA is for Athletes training with a club progam but not yet participating in USSA events. Alpine Club participant memberships are NOT in system.

2.) All information regarding athlete registration (request for refunds) must first be emailed to the Race Administrator. Race Administrators will then contact at the close of each race. All Mountain Contact information is located on each mountains registration page in the upper right hand corner.

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