You must have a current USSA number for this season and be in the system in order to register.You are not automatically placed in our system when you register on-line with USSA.
After you register with USSA on-line. Please click and fill out this form with your USSA number, DOB and competitors name and we will add you to our system.
You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from stating you are in our system.
Now you are ready to register on-line with
Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to select your state affiliation and then select your state.
Step 2: Select the Mountain/Club hosting the race that you want to register for.
Step 3: Click on the Register Now GREEN button for the race that you would like to register for.
Fill out your USSA number and then click the continue button.
Confirm that the athlete information is correct by clicking on the continue to register button. Also under the Athlete information is a history of all prior registrations for this athlete for this season.
Now you should see a page with the complete information of the race you are registered for.
Agree to the conditions of the race by checking the check box, then click  add to cart.
You can click the green button below the athletes name to continue to register for more events (you can register only one athlete at a time for multiple events).
Fill out the form below the cart after you have completed adding all of your events.
Your credit card will be charged when you click the place order button on the bottom of the registration page.
Avoid clicking the place your order button more than once, as you will be charged twice.
Automatically after you place your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be automatically added to the roster for each event that you registered.